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Mocca-Java Blend

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Condition: Roasted

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Our Mocca-Java blend combines Ethiopian Longberry Harrar and Java Blawan Estate. It offers a pungent brew with a floral, perfumy aroma along with a heavy body, perfect acid balance and hints of bittersweet chocolate.

Once this coffees aroma is set free into the air, you'll be reminded of the Jessi Lane Adams quote, "Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven." Relax in the taste of our wonderful Mocca-Java coffee blend as you enjoy its richness. So delicious... Now you are ready to begin your day!

Ethiopian Longberry Harrar is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. Made with the finest coffee beans, it is well known for its heavy body and bold flavor. Grown in the fertile Ethiopian mountain valleys, Longberry Harrar undoubtedly ranks high on every coffee lover's list.

Java Blawan Estate coffee is wet-processed in Indonesia. Known for its very low acidity and high body, this high specialty coffee blends wonderfully with Longberry Harrar for a taste you won't soon forget. Java Blawan Estate is, after all, where we obtained the name "Java.

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