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Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee

Sale Price $13.99

Condition: Roasted

Shipping: Fed Ex Ground $6.00

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Such a classic favorite! So popular that it's found in almost every possible sweet temptations. From candy, mints, ice cream, cookies, and hot chocolate, this invigorating combination has pleased so many countless others. This perfect flavor combination coffee blend will certainly please you.

Let the cooling aroma of refreshing mint invigorate your senses and uplift you during a stressful day. Our Chocolate Mint flavored coffee will allow you to experience the exquisite taste of warm pure chocolate liquid that has been infused with the clean and refreshing taste of mint. Take comfort in this soothing blend of roasted premium coffee with the aroma of chocolate and mint. Don't forget to it share with a friend!

Like all our coffees we don't roast till you order. Note: This flavored coffee contains nut extract.

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